Denis Shepherd
26 June 2024

10 Must-Have Figma Plugins for Designers in 2024: Part 1

4 mins to read

Hey there, fellow designers! If you’re anything like the Craftwork team, you’re always on the hunt for tools that can streamline your workflow and add that extra flair to your designs. We’ve compiled a list of our top Figma plugins that have become absolute game-changers for us. We divided them into two parts, and here’s out first Top 10 Figma Plugins. Let’s consider them, shall we? 

1. Faker by Cory Etzkorn

If you ever needed some random data to natively fill out your design without the hassle of making it up yourself – enter Faker. This handy plugin generates random names, addresses, emails, and more. It’s perfect for those mockups where you need realistic content but don’t have the time to invent it. Faker’s intuitive interface makes it a breeze to use, saving us countless hours on client projects.

2. FigGPT by Alex

FigGPT is like having an AI assistant right inside Figma. This plugin leverages the power of GPT-4 to help you brainstorm design ideas, write copy, and even suggest improvements. Need some inspiration for a new project? FigGPT’s got your back. Use it to kickstart a creative process and keep your ideas fresh.

3. Beautiful Shadows by Alex Widua

Shadows can make or break a design. Beautiful Shadows helps you create perfect, soft shadows that add depth and realism to your elements. The plugin is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to tweak shadow settings effortlessly. Our team loves how it makes designs look polished and cohesive without spending hours fiddling with shadow settings.

4. ARC by Unfold

Curves and arcs can be a bit tricky in Figma, but with ARC, they become a piece of cake. This plugin lets you easily create and adjust circular and arched text, perfect for logos and badges. ARC adds that extra layer of polish to designs, making everything look sleek and professional.

5. Auto HTML by Thomas Deser

Have you ever wished you could turn your Figma designs into HTML code instantly? Auto HTML is here to prove, it’s possible. This plugin converts your Figma frames into clean, responsive HTML, saving you a ton of time in the development phase. At Craftwork, we use Auto HTML to quickly prototype and share web designs with our developers, ensuring a smooth transition from design to code.

6. Blobs by Dylan Feltus

Sometimes you need a little organic touch in your designs, and Blobs is perfect for that. This plugin generates random, unique blob shapes that can be used for backgrounds, icons, or any abstract elements. It’s a fantastic way to add a playful, modern look to your projects. We advise using Blobs to break up rigid layouts and add a bit of fun to your designs.

7. Remove BG by Aaron Iker

Say goodbye to tedious background removal with Remove BG. This plugin automatically removes backgrounds from images with a single click, making it incredibly easy to create clean, professional graphics. It speeds up a workflow, especially when dealing with product photos or profile pictures. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

8. Perspective Toolkit by Jake Blakeley

If you eager to add some depth to your designs, Perspective Toolkit helps you create stunning 3D effects with just a few clicks. From mockups to UI elements, this plugin can make your flat designs pop. It’s something that may help to give presentations a dynamic edge that wows clients every time.

9. Linearity by Linearity

For those who crave precision in their vector work, Linearity is a must-have. This plugin offers advanced tools for creating and editing vector shapes, ensuring your designs are pixel-perfect. It’s like having a mini vector editor right inside Figma. Our team relies on Linearity for creating detailed icons and intricate illustrations with ease.

10. Noise & Texture by Rogie King

Add some subtle texture to your designs with the Noise & Texture plugin. Whether you want to add grain, paper textures, or other effects, this plugin offers a variety of options to enhance your designs. We enjoy using it to give our projects a more tactile and realistic feel, making our designs look just a bit more tangible. Try it too!

And there you have it – the first 10 of our top Figma plugins for 2024! These tools have become indispensable in our daily workflow at Craftwork, helping us create stunning designs faster and more efficiently. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll share the more plugins that you won’t want to miss. Happy designing!