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What is Craftwork?

Craftwork is a market that includes different UI products: templates, UI kits, and illustrations collected in separate packs. You can purchase them one by one if you need only a couple of products. Or you can get all products on the website via Pro Access. You will get access to all current products and future releases during your subscription period.

How can I use Craftwork products?

You can use illustrations for both personal and commercial projects. Example: client’s work, dribbble shots, personal websites, social media accounts, advertising, physical items and so on.

Do I need to renew the subscription plan after it expires?

No, you don’t need to. Once you buy a subscription, auto-renewal is activated automatically.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. You will still have access to the website for the subscription period.

Can I turn off my auto-renewal?

Yes, you can turn off auto-renewal in the settings. You won’t be charged the next time and won’t be able to download illustrations after your subscription period expires.

Can I use downloaded products after my subscription expires?

Yes, even after your subscription expires, you are permitted to use the illustrations you downloaded during your subscription period.

What is the difference between Craftwork and Storytale?

Craftwork is a big market with different UI/UX products, templates and illustrations. Storytale is everything about illustrations. Now assortments of illustrations are the same on Craftwork and Storytale. Choose Craftwork if you need more UX/UI products and go to Storytale if you need illustrations only.

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