Denis Shepherd
17 October 2019

Top 7 Flowchart Kits

4 mins to read

Hey guys! Craftwork is here again with a new super-cool article. This time we will touch on the topic of flowcharts. They don’t have such a big audience as wireframes and illustrations, but anyway useful for many designers to boost up the prototyping process.

Let’s first try to understand what a flowchart is and what it is used for. A flowchart is a prototype(website or applications) that shows the general view of the structure. It is used to quickly and clearly create sitemaps and wireframes of the project. Using flowcharts you can recreate and explain how your website or application works and behaves in various ways. It is really useful for discussing a project with a client or with a team before starting to create. Let’s get it right.


Greyhound is a great flowchart kit with 200+ carefully crafted web and mobile cards in 11 popular categories. The kit also includes some other elements such as arrows, actions and etc. All cards are in vector and customizable. And it’s totally free! Compatible with Sketch and Figma. — Free for commercial and personal projects


Scheme is another cool flowchart kit consisting of 310+ web and mobile flowcharts in 8 categories. The kit includes fully customizable flowcharts, gestures, action symbols, and connectors. Scheme is available for Sketch and Figma. — $20 (Regular $28, Use promocode craftwork30)

UX Flow

UX Flow is a beautiful prototyping system with 270+ web and 190+ mobile flowcharts. Markups, labels, gestures, and elements are also included. Well-structured elements make the use of the kit simple and fast. You can easily customize the cards as you wish. The kit comes with 4 different color schemes. Compatible with Sketch, Figma, and XD. — $48 (Regular $69, Use promocode craftwork)

Information Architecture Sketch Kit

One more very useful and multifunctional to create great user flows and information architecture(IA). You can include navigation, application functions, behaviors, content, flows, etc. All elements are flexible and customizable. Available for Sketch. — $46 (Regular $58)

User Flower

Great mobile flowchart kit to create user flows fast and easy. It includes 24 device mockups in 2 styles, arrows, hand gestures and detailed video and text tutorials to use. Available for Sketch, Figma, and XD. — $18 (Regular $28)

Connect UX Kit

Connect is a mini flowchart kit that consists of 18 override-enabled hand gestures, 18 customizable arrows, and 8 sample flow mobile screens. It can really help you to boost your prototyping process and make it easy. Available for Sketch. — $17 (Regular $22)

Frames 2

Frames 2 is a great flowchart kit with 112 cards in 14 popular categories. Create sitemaps and prototypes fast and easily with fully customizable symbols. Compatible with Sketch.–layout-kit?ref=craftwork $11 (Regular $14)

Was this interesting and useful? What topic do you want the next post to be? Let’s discuss that.