Denis Shepherd
25 November 2020

First words about illustrations

2 mins to read

Everyone can notice that we are more and more confronted with illustrations, visiting websites, opening apps, watching ads, etc. In today’s article, we will try to find out why illustrations are getting so popular and more people start using them in their projects.

As there are major alternatives to illustrations, represented as images and typography, we will see all the pros and cons and decide, which and where better to use. Let’s, first of all, find out the definition and advantages of the illustrations and see which role they play in our world.


Using illustrations we can convey the same idea to people from all over the world. Illustrations are like a common language for all visitors who are supposed to see the illustration and get the verbal message that was put into the picture. This is a more convenient way to convey information as it takes much less time to perceive illustrations than images or text.


Illustrations are handy when you want to show something abstract or express the thoughts on your mind when you know that you can’t get a picture of the thing you want to include in your design.

No limits

With illustrations, you get rid of any limitations except your imagination. With great customizability, you can picture anything that comes in your beautiful mind, something that matches your idea and make your eyes. You have control over everything – colors, objects, positions, size, motion, etc. Just go ahead!

So, considering all these factors, we can surely tell that illustrations have many advantages on images when it comes to unique ideas, abstract things, storytelling, and customizability.


It is also worth mentioning the ability to duet illustrations with other design elements like typography. As communication has a vital role in the design and 95% of information on the web is provided as a text, we need to consider looking for ways to make the information easy to perceive and help visitors to understand us at a glance. As illustrations can’t completely replace all the text on the web, it’s popular to use the “text + illustration” construction. You can meet this approach on many websites and it really gives very good results in storytelling.

The fundamental mission of any content on the website is to deliver information to the visitors, share opinions, show the ideas, and much more. As everyone has a different vision and different approach to the same goal, we think that illustrations can unite us all with their uniqueness, customizability, and informativeness.

Thanks for reading the article. We hope that now you have an idea about the advantages of illustrations and the reasons to use them on your next project. Make sure to visit our website where you can find thousands of thoroughly hand-made illustrations.