Denis Shepherd
12 December 2022

Top 10 Free Icon Sets for Your Next Design Project in 2023

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Discover our curated list of the best and most versatile free icon sets in 2023. These collections include a range of styles and themes, ensuring there is something to suit every design project. The icons are easy to use and can be downloaded and implemented quickly, making them an excellent resource for designers and developers looking to add some visual interest to their work. Whether you need icons for a website, app, or any other digital project, these sets are sure to provide the perfect solution.

What is an open-source icon pack?

An open-source icon pack is a collection of icons available for use, modification, and distribution by anyone. Open-source icons are typically released under a license that allows users to manipulate the icons without needing to obtain permission from the creator. This provides a quite collaborative and community-driven approach to creating and maintaining icons.


Feathericons is a website that offers a collection of beautiful, open-source icons for use in various design projects. The icons on the site are designed to be simple and elegant, and are available for download in many formats. Here users can search for icons by keyword or browse through the different icon categories easily. Overall, is a great resource for designers looking for high-quality, open-source icons to use in their work.


Phosphor is a versatile icon set that can be used in any diversity of cases, including user interfaces, diagrams, and presentations. The icons are designed to be flexible and adaptable, making them suitable for use in a wide range of applications. The icons are available in a variety of formats, including SVG, PNG, React, Vue, HTML/CSS, and Flutter, making them easy to integrate into any project. Phosphor is an excellent assistant in icon searches for designers.

Craftwork Icons

Craftwork Icons is a free and open-source icon family that includes both outline and solid styles. The icons are available in SVG and PNG formats, making them easy to use and integrate into any project. The icons are released under a commercial license, so you can use them for commercial purposes without any restrictions. Craftwork icon set includes a wide range of different icons, covering a majority of poplar subjects and themes.


Remix – a collection of 2271 open-source system symbols with a neutral design. The icons are crafted with care and attention to detail, making them an excellent option for designers and developers. Remix icons come in various formats, such as SVG, PNG, and EPS. It is a great tool for those who seeking high-quality system symbols that are free and high-quality at once.


This website offers more than 3050 vector icons for web design. These icons are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal, visual consistency, and overall beauty of websites and apps. Tabler icons come in various formats, such as basic SVG, PNG, as well as extra JSX code, Data URI, React, and Webfont.


Heroicons is a project that provides a collection of hand-crafted SVG icons. They are created by the Tailwind CSS makers and are available under the MIT license. Heroicons set includes 292 icons, which are available in outline, solid, and mini styles. In addition, the project provides React and Vue libraries that make them easy to apply to your web projects.


Iconic is an open-source icon set that offers “do wtf you want with” pixel-perfect icons. The icons have a 24 x 24 bounding box, a 1.5px stroke, and are available in SVG format. The website includes over 1070 icons, with new icons coming each week. 200 icons are available for free, and an additional 870 icons as a paid option. The icons are designed to be clear and easy to implement, suitable for use in a variety of contexts.


Iconsvg provides a collection of outline icons and brand logos. The icons are available in SVG, JSX, and React formats. One of the standout features of Iconsvg is the built-in editor, which allows you to control the size, stroke width and color, end points, and round angles of the icons. This makes it easy to customize the icons to fit your specific needs.


Open-source icon resource that offers a collection of simple, consistent icons designed for use in a wide range of digital products. The icons are available under the MIT license, and the website provides 177 icons, designed with a minimal aesthetic.


Ionic is a collection of lovingly hand-crafted icons that are designed for use in web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps. The icons are available in SVG and Webfont formats, making them easy to use and integrate into any project. The icons are completely open-source and released under the MIT license. Available in outline, filled, and sharp styles, as well as a set of consistent app logos.

Wrapping Up

Obviously, free vector icons are a valuable resource for designers. Free icons allow creators to complete their projects, without spending time and money for creating their own graphics from scratch. Additionally, such kind of icons expands collaboration and community involvement in their development and maintenance, ensuring that they are constantly updated and improved. Hopefully, this list of free icons is helpful for you and those who looking to enhance their design work and save time significantly.

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