Denis Shepherd
29 October 2019

Why do you need to give out freebies?

4 mins to read

What’s the point of uploading free resources? Especially difficult ones that take a lot of time and effort. Here are some advantages I found from this:

  • Freebies create a positive impression for you. It goes without saying that people love getting things for free. So giving out a cool freebie is great way to satisfy your audience. Freebies add value to the interaction and give your customers positive feelings about you and your company. These are feelings that they are likely to share with others, creating a positive buzz about you.
Greyhound Flowcharts. Get the freebie
  • Share the experience with other designers and get their recognition. Thanks to such freebies, I am being a beginner with no knowledge, received recognition. I downloaded what I could find, I looked at how everything worked inside. After all, he made this fantastic caramel button, so that it seems to be made of plastic, and at the same time, it looks like pencils rubber. And I have to understand how. The epoch of skeuomorphism, ah, it was really fun and interesting.
  • Freebies are actually not completely free and the price for them is a user’s email. In fact, this is now the main goal, because later you can send them a promo letter. Especially cunning guys even accept your tweet with reference to their freebie as a payment.
Stubborn Generator. Get the freebie >>>
  • Freebies are good way to fill your portfolio in the beginning when you don’t have any projects or work inquiries. It gives you the opportunity to be noticed by customers and get your first order.
  • Freebies let your customers test your product without risk and wastes. This is a benefit if you want to prove that you have something different or better to offer. People are more likely to try something they normally wouldn’t if it is free. They must make sure of your product, so then they can consider your other options.
  • Freebies are feed for compilation websites and newsletters. If someone with a big audience notices you, your freebie will be taken away like hotcakes. And besides, they will leave a link to your profile and additional traffic will float to you. And there is a dark side of that: some websites just steal products, and even take paid products and give them away for free. You can’t do anything with it; they don’t give a damn about anyone’s copyright.
YouTube ReDesign Concept. Get the freebie >>>
  • Launching freebie, you will have quite a lot of graphic material to share in socials, communities, on Dribbble and Behance. Take advantage and use it to gain new followers.
  • Try to make money by showing some cooler products in front of your freebie. By the way, this point worked best with launching the Stubborn Generator on ProductHunt.

To summarize, I want to say that a small and not very useful freebie will work much worse. Our YouTube concept is an example of that, only 700 downloads against 3300 for Greyhound Flowcharts and 12700 for Stubborn Generator. So my advice is to give out for free something really worthwhile.